Thursday, June 4, 2015

The File Clerks

Now then, now then, now then, boys and girls. Though the JSH Combo, my low-fidelity gut-bucket jazz band is still in limbo, there's a new band in town. Namely, Jeffrey Scott Holland & The File Clerks, which is, like the Combo, basically me and a floating lineup of anybody else I'm playing with. Somewhere between Chuck Berry's penchant for playing only with "pickup bands" he just met, doesn't even know, and never jammed with in each city, and the "a man and his laptop" concept-packages of Nine Inch Nails and Com Truise.

What's the difference between The File Clerks and the old series of noise-collage recordings I made a few years ago? Not much, except The File Clerks will delve deeper into established forms like trance, techno, dubstep, chillout, vaporwave, chopped-and-screwed, drum-and-bass, ambient, darkwave, glitch, industrial, witch house, and all those other 1,001 sub-sub-sub-genres the kids keep parsing.

But of course, rather than being down in the trenches with the hipsters, my stuff, as always, perches off to the side, surveying the whole scene with a detached air, and is rendered less like an earnest youth's attempt to "do the electronica thing" and more like, say, if Billy Childish got bored and decided to muck about with some shitty software under the influence of the demon rum. (And in fact, he once did just that.)

Expect some File Clerks material to be dumped in all the usual places soon, including this blog, which is now being rebooted as the official File Clerks headquarters.

The JSH Combo still isn't dead, it's just in a coma. But it can still hear everything you're saying.

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