Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two More Kentuckians Tracks

Two more Kentuckians tracks have made the jump to lightspeed: "Cheapskates" and "Next Exit".

"Cheapskates" was recorded at Otto Helmuth's Blueberry Way studios in Lexington, KY for the primary Join Our Militia sessions. It's a highly mutated cover of the Clash song from Give 'em Enough Rope. In the rush to get 'er done, the song went to the CD hardly mixed at all, creating lots of minor idiosyncracries in retrospect - the first word of the song, "I", is practically inaudible, the bass line is mixed too quietly, and the drone-guitar overdub goes in and out like the tide.

"Next Exit" is actually an demo outtake from the sessions for my solo album This Ain't No Rave, recorded alone in my garage in Berea, KY. It appeared as the final cut on most copies of Join Our Militia (Some copies had an acoustic demo of "The Girl From Disputanta" instead).

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